BLT + CO was a remarkable full service production company.

After 48 years of service to the technical arts including, but not limited to the following events of commercial, industrial, fashion, parties, weddings, car shows, corporate, and special events, BLT Productions LLC and BLTandCompany, Inc. are closing our doors.  It has been an honor to work with so many great clients in all aspects of staging, scenic, props, custom builds, and lighting over the almost 5 decades.  What a privilege it has been to work with such people as the talented producers, directors, designers, fashion designers and their staffs, corporate executives, talented artists, dance and theatre productions, political rallies, government special events, parties, museums, hotels, venues, schools, etc.  Too many to list here.

I wish to thank all of them for their patronage for close to 5 decades.  I also wish to thank the fabulous in-house staff and freelance professionals of carpenters, electricians, stagehands that have made us so successful and respected over the years.

I still offer consultation work for any who require help in mounting their production or event.  I can also make a referral for most aspects of your event for technical production needs.

God bless our future event industry!  May they all have standing ovations!


Gordon E.W. Link


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